Top 5 Bridal Lehenga Shops in Chandni Chowk

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Chandni Chowk is a bustling market of Old Delhi, which is known for its tradition, culture, and timeless elegance. It is one of most famous wholesale and retail markets of India where you can buy any type of garments, jewellery, bags, electrical and electronic items at he most reasonable rates. Chandni Chowk in Delhi is renowned for its vibrant and diverse bridal wear market. It stands out as a mecca for brides who are in search of the perfect bridal lehengas. There are several famous bridal lehenga stores in this area that cater to a wide range of tastes and budgets.
Here is the list of top 5 bridal lehenga stores in Chandni Chowk where tradition and contemporary style intertwine to create bridal masterpieces. These top 5 bridal lehenga stores stand as pillars of style, tradition, and innovation. Each store invites brides to embark on a journey where the past and present converge to create bridal ensembles that are timeless yet contemporary.

1. Kundans Bridal Couture

Kundans Bridal Couture in Chandni Chowk is famous for its traditional and intricate designs, catering to the diverse tastes of brides. This store is a celebration of India rich cultural tapestry. Every lehenga sold in this store tells a story of tradition and craftsmanship. Kundans Bridal Couture is a popular choice for bridal lehengas, offering a mix of traditional and contemporary designs. They are known for their high-quality craftsmanship and customization services.
The brides can tailor their outfits according to their preferences, ensuring a perfect fit and personalized style. Kundans Bridal Couture is a perfect destination for wedding outfits for brides.

The bridal lehenga range starts from INR 35,000.
Address: 896, Nai Sarak, Chandni Chowk, Delhi-110006.
Contact number: +91 9958092939

2. Asiana Couture

Asiana Couture is a well-known bridal wear store located in Chandni Chowk, Delhi. The store is recognized for its extensive collection of bridal lehengas, sarees, suits, and other traditional Indian attire. The store offers a diverse range of bridal outfits, catering to different tastes and preferences. Whether you are looking for heavily embroidered traditional lehengas or more contemporary designs, Asiana Couture aims to provide a variety of options. It has garnered a positive reputation over the years for providing a good shopping experience. The staff of the store is knowledgeable and can assist brides in choosing the right outfit for their big day.
The bridal lehenga range starts from INR 80,000.
Address: 652, 655, Katra Hardayal, Nai Sarak, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, Delhi
Contact number: 0112326 9452

3. Om Prakash Jawahar Lal

Om Prakash Jawahar Lal store in the heart of Chandni Chowk stands as a pioneer in redefining bridal fashion. It is known for its long-standing legacy in the business. The store has been serving customers for many years, and its reputation has grown over time. The store is particularly renowned for its bridal collection, offering a wide array of traditional Indian bridal wear, including bridal lehengas, sarees, suits, and other ceremonial outfits. Each creation of the store is a masterpiece, reflecting the confidence and individuality of the modern bride.
The bridal lehenga range starts from INR 70,000
Address: 354, 1st Floor, Naya Katra, Chandni Chowk Rd, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi,
Delhi 110006
Contact number: 01123273312

4. Aditya & Mohit

Aditya & Mohit Fashions store in Chandni Chowk brings in a huge range of the latest bridal lehengas, embroidered lehengas with unique designs and style. The finely  crafted pieces of the store not only reflect the vintage charm but amalgamate modern aesthetics. 
The bridal lehenga range starts from INR 1.5 Lakh
Address: 5743, Nai Sarak, Balli Maran, Jogiwara, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, Delhi
Contact number: 09811213522

5. Payal Keyal

At Payal Keyal store in Chandni Chowk, bridal lehengas are not just garments but expressions of luxury and sophistication. It is a haven for brides who seek the epitome of elegance.
The bridal lehenga range starts from INR 1 Lakh
Address: Shop 655, Katra Hardayal, Opposite, Town Hall, Chandni Chowk, Delhi,
Contact number: 01145794896


Chandni Chowk in Delhi is a paradise for brides in search of the perfect lehenga, and these top 5 stores exemplify the diversity and richness of bridal couture available in this historic market. Whether it's Kundans Bridal Couture, Asiana Couture, Om Prakash Jawahar Lal, Aditya & Mohit or Payal Keyal, each store brings a unique flavor to the bridal shopping experience. As you embark on your bridal journey, let Chandni Chowk be your guide to finding the lehenga of your dreams.