10 Tips To Make Your Lehenga Feel Lighter

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At times, your lehenga may feel you heavier and uncomfortable. Follow these tips to make your lehenga feel lighter and more comfortable:

1. Select Lightweight Fabrics

Instead of selecting heavyweight fabrics like silk or velvet for your lehenga, opt for lighter fabrics like georgette, chiffon, or crepe which are more breathable. They make your ensemble feel lighter and more comfortable.

2. Consider a Simple Dupatta

The dupatta also contributes to the overall weight of the outfit. Therefore, choose a lighter, simpler dupatta to complement your lehenga. A lightweight dupatta also adds a touch of elegance to your lehenga.

3. Reduce Embellishments

Heavy embellishments, embroidery, and beadwork can add significant weight to your lehenga. Select a lehenga skirt with fewer heavy embellishments, which not only contributes to a lighter feel but also gives your lehenga a more modern and minimalist look.

4. Consider a Shorter Choli

Consider a shorter choli or blouse design. A cropped blouse not only reduces the overall weight but also adds a contemporary flair to your traditional attire. A well- fitted blouse can provide better support, making the overall outfit feel more comfortable.

5. Choose Minimalistic Embroidery

Choose minimalistic embroidery or embellishments for your lehenga, which not only reduces its weight but also gives it a trendy, sophisticated look.

6. Layer with Light Fabrics

Some lehengas have multiple layers of fabric. If layering is required for your lehenga design, ensure that the additional layers are made of lightweight fabrics, which will prevent the outfit to feel bulky.

7. Choose Lightweight Accessories

Heavy jewellery can add to the overall weight of your ensemble. Select lightweight, stylish accessories to complement your lehenga.

8. Choose Comfortable Waistband

At times, the waistband can be discomfortable for you. Ensure that the waistband of your lehenga is comfortable and does not dig into your skin. A well-fitted waistband also contributes significantly to the overall feel of your outfit.

9. Choose a Breathable Lining

The lining of the lehenga can also contribute to its weight. Therefore, choose a lighter, breathable lining for your lehenga especially for a layered or flared skirt. A breathable lining ensures comfort, especially in warmer weather.

10. Practise Comfortable Movement with Lehenga

Before your marriage day, practice sitting, standing, and walking with your lehenga. This will not only make you more comfortable with the outfit but also help identify any adjustments needed for a smoother experience on the special day. Remember with the right choices in fabric, design, and accessories, you can enjoy the festivities without feeling weighed down by your attire.